price-match guarantee

At simplehuman, we love our products. We also love our website and want to make sure you never pay more at than at one of our licensed retail partners. So, if you find an identical simplehuman product at another retailer for a lower price, we will gladly match it. There are a few conditions though.

The item(s) must be:

  • offered by an authorized retailer
  • in brand-new condition
  • the same sku/model #, size, color / finish as the item currently on
  • in stock, available, and ready to ship (at both and authorized retailer)

And item(s) cannot be:

  • a clearance, closeout, damaged, display or open box item, special offer or bundle
  • from an auction site, third party marketplace or membership site (,, etc.)
  • from a website outside of the United States

Please note: we will only match the list price—not the price including a coupon or instant rebate, or if there’s been a typographical pricing error. And applicable taxes and shipping charges will be included when calculating a price difference. Our simplehuman price-matching offer is valid within 30 days of your purchase at, and we may limit the quantities of price match items.

To get your price-match, contact us at for assistance.